American Wide Plank Installation & Maintenance Guide


Please read all instructions carefully before you start laying the floor. Improper installation may void the warranty.

Product Specifications 
Laminated flooring can be installed on the floor, the ground floor or basement. It is also possible to install most types of wood on top of a sub-floor with a radiant heating system with the exception of Brazilian Cherry [Jatoba / Koubari] and Cumaru Their composition allows them to stick to a wood sub-floor or concrete, or the stapled to a plywood with a stapler for hardwood floors. Adjust for engineering. Use appropriate products to seal the slab (Bostik or other product).

Responsibility of the installer and owner 
Before installation, the installer and the owner must ensure that the environment work and sub-floor meet or exceed the minimum specified in this installation guide. The industry provides a margin of error of 5% for natural imperfections and manufacturing defects. Before installation, the installer and the owner must make final inspection of the grade, color, quality manufacturing and finishing wooden slats to ensure that the floor is to be installed in accordance with the product purchased. Every blade installed floor will be considered accepted by the installer and owner, the latter is present or not at the time of installation. At the time of control the amount necessary to hardwood flooring, it should add a surplus to offset losses from cuts 2 ¼’’, 3 ¼’’, provide 5% more to 4 ¼’’, 6% for 8% and 5’’by 6’’to 8’’provide 10% more minimum.

Elements of prevention 
For information on the maintenance of the floor, see the interview on the website 

For more installation information, please click the Installation Guide PDF link at the top of the page. 

Maintenance Guide for Pre-Varnished Floors

Satisfaction for Years to Come 
Thank you for choosing the best pre-varnished floor on the market! American Wide Plank Flooring includes this maintenance guide which contains useful advice pertaining to the upkeep of your floor and the preservation of its beauty for years to come. Please respect these instructions as they are a determining factor in the application of your warranty.

The Right Maintenance Product 
At American Wide Plank Flooring, we recommend the use of our line of methods which are specially designed to clean and protect your pre-varnished floor.

First Step
Start by using the vacuum cleaner regularly. It is the most efficient way to remove dust and abrasives from the surface. In the absence of a vacuum cleaner, sweep the floor carefully with a broom duster

Second Step
Spray a small amount of our cleaner on the microfiber surface of your mop and clean one section of the floor at a time, using a back and forth motion in the direction of the length of the floorboards. Repeat the operation on the other sections of the floor. Wash the microfiber mop cover when necessary. For best results, clean the surface of your hardwood floor at least once a month.

Household detergents, wax, mixtures of water and vinegar (which has an oxidizing effect) and oil based soaps must be avoided at all times. Contrary to popular belief, these products can discolor and damage the finish and leave a residue on the surface that can render the floor slippery and difficult to maintain. The build up of wax or oily substances could greatly inhibit the application of a restorer coat.
  •  We recommend the use of a vacuum cleaner instead of a standard broom which causes dust particles and abrasives to be lodged in the micro-v joints as well as between the planks.
  • Microfiber mop covers should be machine washed separately from other laundry items using a mild detergent. Do not use softeners.
For more Maintenance information, please click the Pre-Varnished Maintenance Guide PDF link at the top of the page.